Metal Tube Rotameter

 Metal Tube Rotameter 
Rotameter is a variable area flowmeter, the vertical tapered tube expands from bottom to top, the gravity of the circular cross-section float is 
borne by the liquid power, and the float in the tapered tube can rise and fall freely. After balancing with the weight of the float,It moves up and down under the action of 
flow velocity and buoyancy, and is transferred to the flow indicated by the dial through magnetic coupling.
Rotameter divided into glass and metal rotameters, rotameters. 
The most commonly used glass material for industrial metal rotameters is usually used for small diameter corrosive media.
Due to the fragility of the glass material itself, the critical control point also has a rotameter (rotameter), which is made of all titanium and other precious metals.
Rotameter is a variable area flowmeter based on float position measurement. All-metal structure, Modular concept design, small pressure loss, large range ratio (10:1),
easy installation and maintenance, and can be widely used in flow measurement and process control The complex, harsh environment and various media conditions.


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