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intelligent precession Vortex flowmeter

  • Size:DN20-DN200
  • Accuracy:1.5% standard,1% optional
  • Medium Temperature:-20~80℃
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Intelligent swirl flow meter is the brand-new gas flow meter design & developed by our company with most advanced technology, this flow meter combine the functions of gathering flow,temperature and pressure testing, and could carry out the temperature, pressure and compression factor compensation automatically, which is the ideal instruments for gases measuring in petrol, chemical, power, metallurgy industry etc.

Main Performance

  Without movable mechanical parts inside, incorruptible,reliable&stable, long service life, long time runing no need special maintenance.

   Adopt 16bits computer chip, high integrity, small size, good performance, powerful functions.

♦   Adopt the advanced intelligent anti-vibration technology, restrain the interference signal caused by vibration and pressure fluctuate.

  Adopt EEPROM technology, convenient parameter setting, can save permanently, it can save the one year historal data.

  The flow converter could output frequency pulse, 4~20mA analogue signal, and has RS485 interference, it could connect computer network, the transmission distance can reach 1.2km.

  Multi physical quantity parameters alarm output, the end user can select any of them.

  Flow meter converter could rotate 360degree, easy and convenient installation.

  Match with our company FM model data gather, it could carry out the remote data transmission via internet or telephone or internet.

  Pressure, temperature signal is flow sensor input method, strong interchangeability. 

  Lower power consumption, could use the battery powered and connect the external power   

Working Principle

The flow sensor flow profile like the venturi tube shaped wire (pic 2), install one group sprial guide buffle in the side of entrance, while the fluid enter the flow sensor, the guide buffle will press the fluid generate strong swirl flow, when the fluid enter expansion section, the swirl flow will generate second time rotating under the effect of counterflow, and shape the swirl precession phenomenon of gyroscopic shape. The precession frequency in proportion to flow volume, it will not influenced by fluid physical property and density, when get the fluid second time precession, the testing element will get better linearity in the wide flow range. The signal will be magnified via front amplifer, filting and transform into the pulse signal in proportion to flow rate, then send to the micro processor undertake totalizering process with the temperature, pressure testing signal, fianlly it will display the measured result on the LCD displayer ( instantaneous flow total flow and temperature, pressure data).








  Display parameters can switch freely, can display instantaneous      flow (Nm3/h), total flow(Nm3), medium temperature (℃)and            pressure (Kpa) at the same screen.


     Lower power consumption, could use the battery powered and        connect the external power,too.



                         Double flow sensor, enjoy excellent stability, high                             accuracy and anti-vibration performance





  Can be divided into five sections for correction, this operation will    make measuring more accurate



   Precession vortex flow meter combines the swirl generator and swirl eliminator in the       flow sensor, which can reduce the pressure loss, realize wider flow measuring range,       upgrade measurement !


Precession Vortex Flow Meter Main Technical Parameters



20 25 32 50 80 100 150 200

Flow Range


1.2~15 2.5~30 4.5~60 10~150 28~400 50~800 150~2250 360~3600




  Less than 1/3 of basic error absolute value

Working Pressure


  1.6Mpa, 2.5Mpa, 4.0Mpa, 6.3Mpa 

  Special pressure please double check

Application Condition

  Environment temperature: -30℃~+65℃

  Relative humidity: 5%~95%

  Medium temperature: -20℃~+80℃

  Atmospheric pressure: 86KPa~106KPa 

Working Power

  24VDC+3.6V battery power, can remove the battery
 Output Signal   4-20mA, pulse, RS485, alarm
 Applicable Medium   All gases (except steam)
Explosion-proof Mark    Ex ia II C T6 Ga


Pressure Loss Curve


Installation Dimension Drawing







 H  Dφ  Kφ  N  L  dφ  H  Kφ  N L  H N L
25 200  305  115  85  4  14  65                        
32 200  320  140  100  4  18  76                        
50 230  330  165  125  4  18  99                        
80 330  360  200  160  8  18  132                        
          PN1.6MPa (Special requirements) PN2.5~4.0MPa  
100 410  376  220  180  8  18  156  390  235  190  8 22 156             
150 570  430  285  240  8  22  211  450 300 250 8 26  211            
          PN1.6MPa       PN2.5MPa

(Special requirements)


200 700  470  340  295  12  22  266  490  360  310  12  26  274  510  375  320  12  30  284



   Adopt the gas venturi sonic nozzle calibration device and submit the equipment         for inspection and verification regularly, which could guarantee the accuracy more     stable and reliable !




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