Metal Tube Rotameter Installation Requirements

 Metal Tube Rotameter Installation Requirements
1. Before installation, take out the ejector rod, filler and rubber band used for transportation protection of the flowmeter, change the float to a certain position, and check
   the operation status of the converter. When it is considered abnormal, it should be adjusted.
2. The flowmeter should be installed vertically on the non-vibrating pipeline, the inclination of the measuring tube should be less than 5°, and a bypass should be installed to 
   facilitate maintenance and cleaning without affecting production.
3. When installing the flow meter, the level meter should be calibrated strictly, and it should not bear stress during assembly. The medium flow direction of the vertically installed 
  rotameter is from bottom to top, and the medium flow direction of the horizontally installed rotameter should be consistent with the marked direction. Valve blocks generally 
   need to be installed for ease of use and disassembly.
4. The remote transmission part of the remote transmission metal rotameter is magnetically coupled with the rotor. If the medium contains small particles that are easily adsorbed 
   by magnetic substances, the rotor is prone to wear and blockage, resulting in inaccurate or impossible measurements. The solution is to install a magnetic filter on the front.
5. The flow regulating valve should be installed upstream of the flow meter, and the flow regulating valve should be installed 5~10 times~10 times downstream.



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