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Thermal gas mass flow meter for nitrogen

  • Connect :Flange,Tri-clamp,Thread,Insert
  • Output:4-20mA,Pulse,RS485
  • Power supply:24VDC or 220VAC
  • Accuracy:1.0% for inline type,1.5% for insert type
  • Body:Standard:SS304,Option:SS316
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Thermal Gas Mass (1)


Thermal Gas Mass (2)

Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter Installation Parameters

Nominal dia. Flange outer dia. Center hole Bolt hole Screw bolt Flange thickness Installation length
DN D k n x L C L
10 90 60 4x14 M12 14 280
15 95 65 4x14 M12 16 280


105 75 4x14 M12 18 280
25 115 85 4x14 M12 18 280
32 140 100 4x18 M16 18 350
40 150 110 4x18 M16 18 350
50 165 125 4x18 M16 20 350
65 185 145 4x18 M16 20 400
80 200 160 8x18 M16 22 400
100 220 180 8x18 M16 22 500
125 250 210 8x18 M16 24 500
150 285 240 8x22 M20 24 500
200 340 295 12x22 M22 26 500
250 405 355 12x26 M22 28 500
300 460 410 12x26 M22 30 500


Thermal Gas Mass (3)


High accuracy, Stable performance, Multiple flow units seanless switching and multi-function setting


Thermal Gas Mass (4)

With DC4-20mA four-wire output,which is more convenient for remote reception. Support MODBUS RTU RS485 protocol,coordinating the receiving system to collect more data and modify system

Thermal Gas Mass (5)

Thermal Gas Mass (6)

Thermal Gas Mass (7)


Thermal Gas Mass (8)


Thermal gas mass flow meter is mainly used for measuring gas with low flow and the range ratio could reach 1:1000, which is better than gas flow meter on market and low flow could be measured.






Thermal Gas Mass (9)

 Can be divided into five sections for correcting, this operation will make measuring more precision.


Thermal Gas Mass (10)


Thermal Gas Mass Flow Meter Parameter

Media  Various Gases (Except acetylene)
Pipe Size

 Insertion type:DN32~DN4000mm

 Flange type:DN10~DN300 (Can be customized)

 Tri-clamp type:DN10~DN100

 Thread type:DN10~DN100

Velocity  0.1-100Nm/s
Accuracy  In-line type:±1.0%          Insertion type:±1.5%
Working Temperature  Sensor:-40~+220 degC  Transmitter:-20~+80 degC
Working Pressure

 Insertion type ≤1.6Mpa

 Flange type ≤4.0Mpa

 Special pressure please double check

Power Supply

 DC24V and AC220V

Response Time  1s
Output  4-20mA,Pulse,RS485 (HART is optional)
Alarm Output 1-2 way relay,10A/220V/AC or 5A/30V/DC
Construction  Compact and Remote
Pipe Material  Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,Plastic etc.

 4 lines LCD

 Mass flowrate, Nominal flowrate, Flow totallizer, Velocity




Common Gas Upper Limit Flow 

Thermal Gas-a

 Nominal condition flow is the flow rate at temperature 20℃ and pressure 101.325Kpa.


Thermal Gas Flow Meter Selection Table
Model QTMF X X X X X X X
Caliber   DN10-DN4000              
Structure   Compact C
  Remote R
Sensor type   Insertion I
  Flange F
  Clamp C
  Thread S
Material   SS304 304
  SS316 316
Pressure   1.6Mpa 1.6
  2.5Mpa 2.5
  4.0Mpa 4.0
Temperature   -40-220℃ T1
Power Supply   AC85~250V AC
  DC24~36V DC
Signal Output   4-20mA+Pulse+RS485 RS
  4-20mA+Pulse+HART HT


Thermal Gas Mass (12)

Adopt Gas Venturi Sonic Nozzle Calibration Device
  Regular inspection and verification guarantee accracy and reliability of the calibration device 



Thermal mass meter


Thermal Mass Flow Meter Installation

Installation location and straight pipe requirements

1. When installing the thermal mass flow meter, keep away from elbows, obstacles, reducers and valves to ensure a stable flow field. It is required to have a long upper straight pipe. The front straight pipe length is greater than 10D, and the rear straight pipe length is greater than 5D.

Thermal mass meter

2. When user site cannot meet the requirements of the straight pipe section, the gas rectifier could be connected in series to greatly reduce the requirements for the straight pipe section.

Thermal mass meter

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