Q&T Gas turbine flowmeter

Q&T Gas turbine flowmeter
Q&T Gas turbine flowmeter is a combination of temperature, pressure, flow sensor and intelligent flow totalizer developed by itself by absorbing the advanced technology of 
flow meters at home and abroad and integrating theories of gas mechanics, fluid mechanics and electromagnetics through optimized design. A new generation of high-precision,
high-reliability gas precision metering instruments with excellent low-pressure and high-pressure metering performance.Multiple signal output modes and low sensitivity to fluid 
disturbance are widely used in the metering of natural gas and coal gas, liquefied gas, and light hydrocarbon gas.
Q&T Gas turbine Flowmeter measuring medium:
Various gas measurements
Q&T Gas turbine Flowmeter typical applications: natural gas, nitrogen, compressed air, and other medium and low flow gases
Q&T Gas turbine Flowmeter Product Features
High precision, good repeatability, wide range ratio, up to 1:20 (or wider)
The new integrated rectifier is adopted, and the requirements for the front and rear straight pipe sections are lower (front ≥ 25DN, rear ≥ 3DN)
The well-designed unique dust-proof structure ensures the reliability of the long-term operation of the bearing
A unique refueling system is designed to ensure reliable refueling, convenient maintenance and elegant appearance
The technical indicators meet the requirements of the IS09951-1993 standard, the length of the meter body is 3DN, and the whole machine reaches the international advanced level
The volume corrector of the flowmeter can be freely rotated about 350°, and can be read easily in various installation methods
Low speed, high life, low pressure loss, high precision



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