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Gas turbine flow meter

  • Accurcay:1.0% or 1.5%
  • Body material:Carbon steel ,Aluminum alloy,SS304
  • Display :Flowrate,Total flow
  • Power supply:DC24V,3.6V
  • Output:4-20mA,Pusle,RS485
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 Gas turbine flow meter is a precision measuring instrument used for gas flow measurement.
It has small pressure loss, high accuracy, and low dynamic flow, great anti-vibration and anti-pulsation performance, wide range ratio, excellent low and high-pressure measurement performance, multiple signal output methods and low sensitivity to fluid disturbances.

Gas turbine flow meter take into account the compressibility of gases, and the correlation between volume, temperature and pressure of the medium. To convert Process Condition medium to Standard Condition, temperature and pressure sensors are added to track temperature and pressure changes of the measuring medium.

Gas turbine flowmeters are widely used in gas metering and gas pressure regulating stations for petroleum gas, chemical gas, electric power and industrial boilers, as well as gas transmission and distribution pipeline networks, urban natural gas metering. It is the preferred instrument for trade settlements.

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Gas Turbine (7)

Nominal Diameter DN25-DN400
Nominal Pressure 1.0Mpa/1.6Mpa/2.5Mpa/4.0Mpa
Range Ratio Max 40:1 (under P=101.325Kpa,T=293.15K)
Accuracy 1.5% (Standard), 1.0 (Optional)
Repeatability Better than 0.2%
Explosion Proof ExiallCT6Ga
Protection IP65
Shell Material Aluminum Alloy/Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Power Supply

3.6V Lithum Battery Powered

External power DC18-30V

output Signal 4-20mA,Pulse,Alarm
Communication RS485 Modbus RTU

Gas Turbine (8)

QTWG Parameters XXX X X X X X X X
Size (mm) DN25-DN400mm                
Accuracy 1.5% (standard)  1            
1.0%   2            
1.0MPa 1          
1.6MPa 2          
2.5MPa 3          
4.0MPa 4          
Others 5          
Body Material

Aluminum Alloy (For size below DN150mm)

Carbon Steel 2      
Stainless Steel 3      
Output/Communication Pulse+4-20mA 1    
Pulse+4~20mA+485 3    
Pulse+4~20mA+HART 4    
Power Supply Battery Powered + External Power DC24V (two-wire) 1  
Battery Powered +External Power DC24V (three-wire) 2  
Ex-proof  With 1
Without 2


Gas Turbine (9)

Gas Turbine (10)

Gas Turbine (11)

Gas Turbine (12)

      • Advanced DN15-300mm sonic nozzle gas flow calibration system

      • Each flow meter is calibrated and attached with calibration certificate 


Gas Turbine (13)

Gas Turbine (14)

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