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Metal tube variable area rotameter

  • Body:Standard:SS304, Option:SS316
  • Display :Standard:Pointer, Option:LCD+Pointer
  • Output:4-20mA
  • Communication:MODBUS RS485 or HART
  • Installation :Vertical or Horizontal
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Metal tube rotameter adopts the cone-shape design,reducing flow area, reducing error, making the measurement more accurate !

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Metal Tube Rotameter's measuring range can be divided into 12 customizable sections for further correction, this feature allows

us to optimize instrument accuracy.

Metal Tube Rotameter Technical Parameter

 Measuring range

 Water (20℃)                  16~150000 l/h.

 Air(0.1013MPa 20℃)       0.5~4000 m3/h.

 Range ratio  10:1(Special type 20:1).
 Accuracy class  2.5(Special type 1.5% or 1.0%).
 Working pressure

 DN15~DN50 PN16MPa (Special type 25MPa).

 DN80~DN150 PN10MPa (Special type 16MPa).

 Pressure rating of jacket 1.6MPa.

 Medium temperature

 Normalized type -80℃~+220℃.

 High-temperature type 300℃.    Lined with FEP type ≤85℃.

 Ambient temperature

 -40℃~+120℃(Remote display without LCD≤85℃).

 (Remote display with LCD≤70℃).

 Dielectric viscosity

 1/4” NPT, 3/8” NPT 1/2” NPT≤5mPa.s

 3/4” NPT,1” NPT ≤250mPa.s


 Standard signal: two-wire system 4 ~ 20mA (with HART communication).

 Standard signal: three-wire system 0 ~ 10mA.

 Alarm signal:1.Two-way relay output.

                    2.One-way or two-approach switches .

 Pulse signal output: 0-1KHz isolated output.

 Process connection

 Standard type:24VDC±20%.

 AC type:220VAC(85~265VAC) (optional).

 Connection mode




 Levels of protection



 Intrinsically safe:ExiaIICT3~6.    Exd type:ExdIICT4~6.

Metal Tube Rotameter Model Selection

Indicator Code                
Local indicator Z
LCD indicator with ouput D
Norminal diameter Code
DN15 -15
DN20 -20
DN25 -25
DN40 -40
DN50 -50
DN80 -80
DN100 -100
DN150 -150
Structure Code
Bottom-top /
Left-right (horizontal) H1
Right-left (horizontal) H2
Side-side AA
Bottom -side LA
Thread connection S
Body material Code
304SS R4
316LSS R6L
Hastelloy C Hc4
Titanium Ti
Liner F46(PTFE) F
Monel M
Indicator type Code
Iinear indicator(pointer indication) M7
Nonlinear indicator(LCD Display) M9
Combination function(only for LCD display) Code
24VDC with 4~20mA output S
24VDC with HART communication Z
Battery power D
Additional function Code
Measuring tube with thermal preservation / heat insulation jacket T
Measure medium temperature higher than 120.C HT
Ex-proof: Code
With W
Without N
Alarm Code
One alarm K1
Two alarm K2
None N
Metal Tube Rotameter
Metal (11)
Metal (12)
Metal (13)
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