Company Profile

Exported to more than 30 COUNTRIES around the global; 500 SETS/MONTH production capacity; more than 20 years manufacturing experience; 5 Categories main products; the first company who own FIVE SETS CALIBRATION SYSTEMS in China, enjoys Class 0.2 high accuracy can equal to the world famous brand SIEMENS, ABB,ETC; 8 national patents;etc. All above makes KAIFENG QINGTIANWEIYE FLOW INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD.

Our Advantages - Class 0.2 accuracy 
Until now, our company have installed DN10~DN50 & DN 65~DN150& DN800~DN2200 standard volumetric method with maximum flow 16000m3/h, DN80~DN300 & DN350~DN700 MT MASS method water flow standard devices  one bye one in the past years and have proven QINGTIAN as the recognized pioneer and world leading provider of high quality Process Control Instrumentation for Flow, Level, Temperature, Pressure,etc. 

Customized Solutions + Global Presence = Peace of Mind
QINGTIAN’s best of breed solution with world's major end users, QINGTIAN’s proven products have been carefully customized to meet the requirements of:
♦ Flow instrument: electromagnetic flow meter, vortex flow meter, turbine flow meter, ultrasonic flow meter, rotameter etc; 
♦ Flow meter calibration equipment , test bench machine;
♦ Water Treatment Plant Control System etc; 
♦ Radar Level Meter etc.

Kaifeng qingtian is committed to providing advanced state-of-the-art renewable solutions that are tailored to satisfy even the most unique and specific needs to the global customers.