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Wall mounted ultrasonic flow meter

  • Accuracy:1.0%
  • Sensor :S,M,L
  • Media temperature :less than 160degC
  • Size :DN15~DN6000
  • Output :4-20mA,OCT,RS485
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Widely used for water supply, non conductive liquid such as the distilled water, food oil &light oil, boiler fuel oil engine for diesel measurement, and air conditioner system to measure the flow & heat, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, ballast water, fuel consumption and other processes on-board ships,etc.


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Items Specifications
Accuracy ±1% of reading at rates >0.2 mps
Repeatability 0.2%
Principle Transmit time
Velocity ±32m/s
Pipe Size DN15mm-DN6000mm
Display LCD with backlight, display accumulated flow/heat, instantaneous flow/heat, velocity, time etc.
Signal Output 1 way 4-20mA output
1 way OCT pulse output
1 way relay output
Signal Input 3 way 4-20mA input achieve to heat measurement by connecting PT100 platinum resistor
Other Functions Automatically record the positive,negative,net totalizer flow rate and heat. Automatically record the time of power-on/off and flow rate of the last 30 times.Replenish by hand or read the datas through Modbus communication protocol.
Pipe Material Carbon Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, cement pipe, copper, PVC, aluminum, FRP etc. Liner is allowed
Straight Pipe Section Upstram: 10D;  Downsteam:5D;  From the pump:30D (D means outer diameter)
Liquid Types Water, sea water, industrial sewage, acid & alkali liquid, alcohol, beer, all kinds of oils which can transmit ultrasonic single uniform liquid
Liquid Temperature Standard: -30℃ ~ 90 ,High-temperature:-30 ~ 160
Liquid Turbidity Less than 10000ppm, with a little bubble
Flow Direction Bi-directional measuring, net flow/heat measuring
Environment Temperature  Main Unit: -30℃ ~ 80
Transducer: -40 ~ 110, Temperature transducer: select on enquiry
Environment Humidity Main Unit: 85% RH
Transducer: standard is IP65, IP68(optional)
Cable Twisted Pair Line, standard length of 5m, can be extended to 500m (not recommended); Contact the manufacturer for longer cable requirement. RS-485 interface, transmission distance up to 1000m
Power Supply AC220V and DC24V
Power Consumption Less than 1.5W
Communication MODBUS RTU RS485


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