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Pipe Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter

  • Accuracy:Better than ±1%
  • Internal Diameter:DN32~DN6000mm
  • Medium Temperature:-30℃~160 ℃
  • Power Supply:DC8-36V or AC85-264V
  • Consumption:1.5W
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Ultrasonic water meter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid within a closed conduit. The transducers are a non-contacting, clamp-on type, which will provide benefits of non- fouling operation and easy installation.

Transit time ultrasonic flow meter send and receive ultrasonic waves between transducers in both the upstream and downstream directions in the pipe. At no flow conditions, it takes the same time to travel upstream and downstream between the transducers. Under flowing conditions, the upstream wave will travel slower and take more time than the (faster) downstream wave. When the fluid moves faster, the difference between the upstream and downstream times increases. The transmitter processes upstream and downstream times to determine the flow rate.

 0.5% of linearity
 0.2% of repeatability
• 4 flow totalizers
• Patent balanced lower-voltage multi-pulse ultrasonic igniting
• built-in date totalizers
• built-in data-logger
• Work properly near transverters
• 0.5 second totalizing period
• 100 Pico-second resolution of time measurement

Optioanl transmitter:


Explosion-proof Type


Wallmounted Type





  Main Board Transducer
IP Grade IP65 IP68
Humidity ≤ 85% RH
Temperature -20 ~ 60 -30~160

Accuracy ≤1%
Velocity 0 ~ ±10 m/s, forward and reverse measurement 
Pipe Size DN32 - DN6000 mm
Medium Temperature -30 ~160
Medium   Water,seawater,sewage,beer,alcohol,Acid-base liquid, oils,etc,
All Homogeneous liquids which can conduct ultrasound
Pipe Material Steel,stainless steel,cast iron,copper,PVC,aluminium,glass fiber,etc.
All dense pipes,liner is available.
Signal Output 4~20 mA
OCT pulse
Signal Input 4-20mA, three channels, can be used for data collector;
Tri-wire resistance signal input (PT100): two channels, can be used for calorimeter.
Communication Interface Isolated RS485 serial interface,support Modbus.
Power Supply DC8~36V, AC10~30V,AC85-264V,waterproof power supply adapter

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