How to solve the failure of nitrogen flowmeter

 How to solve the failure of nitrogen flowmeter
For many factories and gas canning companies, gas flow meters are essential product equipment, especially for some gas processing plants, more accurate flow meters are required to maintain production efficiency. Therefore, many factories need to use thermal flow meters. So what are the troubleshooting methods for the common faults encountered in the daily use of nitrogen flow meters?

1. Check the power supply First of all, when encountering a solution to the failure of the nitrogen flowmeter, you should start from the power supply. You should first check whether the power supply is correctly connected, and then confirm that the power supply is in the power-on state. Due to the use of thermal gas flowmeters The method is special, so you should also check whether the power interface is reversed. This is a measure that should be taken when the gas flow meter is in a situation.

2. Check the components If there is no problem with the power supply, the problem with the nitrogen flowmeter components should be eliminated next. Among them, there are measuring pens and other equipment. When the nitrogen flowmeter cannot work normally, the measuring pen is used to perform a simple detection on the external components. If it is a component problem, it can be solved by replacing the components.

3. Checking the flow There is generally no problem when the nitrogen flowmeter is used normally. If the flowmeter cannot correctly display the flow or calculate the flow, we also need to check whether the gas flow is too small or too large, and the nitrogen flow is higher than that of the nitrogen flow. If the calculation range of the meter is exceeded, it is recommended to replace the appropriate flow meter. Although the measurement frequency of nitrogen gas is high and the life of normal use is long, it cannot be maintained without any problems during use. When our flowmeter fails, we first carry out troubleshooting according to the steps in the article. If the flowmeter still cannot be used normally after simple elimination, you can communicate with the nitrogen flowmeter manufacturer at any time for maintenance.


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