When installing the transmitter of the oval gear flowmeter, we need to carefully clear the impurities in the pipeline. If it is considered that there may be impurities in the measured medium during use, a filter must be installed, which can not only prolong the use of the oval gear flowmeter. life, improve measurement accuracy, and reduce the cost of routine maintenance. Today, the editor of the flowmeter manufacturer Qingtian Instrument mainly talks to you about the installation precautions of the oval gear flowmeter, hoping to help you.

1. A matching filter should be installed before the flowmeter, and the outlet of the matching filter is next to the inlet of the flowmeter, and the arrows on the two bodies are pointing in the same direction as the liquid flow.
2. When the liquid to be measured contains gas, a gas elimination filter should be installed in front of the flow meter.
3. No matter whether the pipeline is installed vertically or horizontally, the oval gear in the flowmeter should be installed in a horizontal position (that is, the dial should be vertical to the ground).
4. When the flowmeter is installed correctly, if the reading is not easy to see, the counter can be turned to 180 degrees or 90 degrees.
5. If it is found that it does not move, it can be soaked in diesel oil (to avoid memory deposits after factory calibration).
6. The flow control valve should be installed at the inlet of the flow meter, and the opening and closing valve should be installed at the outlet. When using the opening and closing valve, start it slowly, and do not open it suddenly to prevent the phenomenon of "water hammer".
7. Before installing the flowmeter on the new pipeline, the pipeline needs to be flushed. When flushing, use a straight pipe section (replacement of the flowmeter position) to prevent welding slag, debris, etc. from entering the flowmeter.
8. It is strictly forbidden to use water to calibrate the flowmeter of cast iron and cast steel.
9. When the flowmeter is in use, the flow rate shall not exceed the technical requirements. It is better for the flowmeter to work at 70-80% of the large flow.
10. If the liquid to be tested is chemically corrosive, a flowmeter made of stainless steel must be used.


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