About the application classification of radar level meter

 About the application classification of radar level meter

The radar level gauge is divided into two types: non-contact and contact. Today, the flow meter manufacturer Qingtian Instrument makes the following descriptions for the application of this level gauge:

1. Non-contact radar level gauge Non-contact radar level gauge Horns or rod antennas are commonly used to transmit and receive microwaves. The instrument is installed on the top of the silo and does not contact the measured medium. The microwaves propagate and return in the upper space of the silo.
Non-contact radar level meters can be divided into pulse radar level meters and FM continuous wave radar level meters according to the waveform of microwave.

2. Contact radar level gauge Contact radar level gauge generally uses metal wave conductors (rods or steel cables) to conduct microwaves. The instrument is installed from the top of the warehouse, the guided waves reach the bottom of the warehouse, and the emitted microwaves go down along the outside of the waveguide. Propagated, reflected when reaching the material surface, and returned to the transmitter along the waveguide to be received. This kind of contact radar level gauge, which can be measured by directly contacting the material to be measured through a waveguide or a probe, is mainly a guided wave radar level gauge. According to the metal waveguide used, it can be further subdivided into : Cable type (single/dual), rod type (single/dual) and coaxial guided wave radar level meter. Compared with the contact radar level gauge, the non-contact radar level gauge has the advantages of simple installation, less maintenance, flexible use, and is not affected by factors such as dust and temperature in the warehouse. It is a kind of rapid development in recent years. measuring instrument. Qingtian Instrument has produced radar level meters for many years. If you encounter any problems during the selection process, you can contact us online or by phone at any time.


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