Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

 Coriolis Mass Flow Meter
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter is a high-precision flow meter that directly measures the mass flow of fluid. It is based on the following principle: 
When the fluid flows in a vibrating pipe, the pipe will bend in different phases due to the action of the Coriolis force, and the degree of 
this bending is proportional to the mass flow of the fluid.
The main advantages of Coriolis flowmeter include:
Directly measure the mass flow with high measurement accuracy.
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter can measure a wide range of fluids including high-viscosity liquids, slurries containing solid particles, liquids containing trace gases, 
and medium and high-pressure gases with sufficient density.
There are no obstructions and moving parts in the measuring tube, which has good reliability and long service life.
It is not sensitive to the viscosity of the fluid, and the influence of density changes on the measured value is also small.
It can measure density at the same time, and then derive multi-parameter measurements such as the concentration of solutes in the solution.


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