Oval Gear Flow Meter

 Oval Gear Flow Meter
The working principle of the oval gear flowmeter is that when the measured liquid enters the flowmeter through the pipeline, the pressure difference 
generated at the inlet and outlet drives a pair of oval gears to rotate continuously, and continuously transports the liquid measured by the crescent-shaped 
cavity to the outlet. The product of the number of revolutions of the oval gear and four times the displacement each time is the total flow of the measured liquid. 
The flowmeter is mainly composed of a housing, a counter, an oval gear and a coupling (divided into a magnetic coupling and an axial coupling).
The oval gear flowmeter has the advantages of a large measuring range, high accuracy, low pressure loss, and strong viscosity adaptability. It is suitable for 
flow measurement in multiple departments such as petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, transportation, commerce, food, medicine and health. In addition, 
the oval gear flowmeter can be installed horizontally or vertically. During installation, the oval gear rotation axis should be parallel to the ground, and the pipeline 
needs to be cleaned before installation. If the liquid contains solid particles, a filter must be installed upstream of the pipeline; if it contains gas, 
an exhaust device should be installed.


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