Turbine Flow Meter

          Turbine Flow Meter
Turbine flowmeters have a wide range of applications, including:
Oil and gas industry: used to measure the flow of crude oil, natural gas, etc.
Chemical industry: used to measure the flow of various chemical liquids.
Pharmaceutical industry: used to accurately measure the flow of raw materials in the production process of drugs.
Water treatment industry: used to measure the flow of water and wastewater.
When selecting a turbine flowmeter, the following factors need to be considered:
Medium characteristics: including the viscosity, corrosiveness, and whether it contains solid particles.
Flow range: Select a suitable turbine flowmeter according to the actual required flow range.
Pressure and temperature: Consider the pressure and temperature of the medium at the measuring point to ensure the accuracy and safety of the turbine flowmeter.
Installation conditions: Ensure that there are enough straight pipe sections at the installation location to reduce the impact of fluid disturbance on the measurement.
The maintenance of the turbine flowmeter is relatively simple, mainly including regular cleaning of the turbine to prevent medium deposition, and inspection 
and replacement of worn parts. In addition, the electronic part of the turbine flowmeter also needs to be checked regularly to ensure the accuracy of signal transmission.



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