80G Radar Level Gauge

 80G Radar Level Gauge
The 80GHz band radar level gauge can perform non-contact continuous measurement of the height of liquids in closed or open containers 
during industrial production.The detection distance is long and the beam energy is low, and it can be installed in various metal and non-metal containers or pipes. 
Suitable for occasions where dust, water mist, inert gas and steam exist.
Radar level gauges are harmless to the human body and the environment. They are not affected by the specific gravity of the medium, are not affected by changes in dielectric constant,

and do not require on-site calibration.
Because it operates at a higher frequency and shorter wavelength, it is especially suitable for solid-state applications. 
The way it emits and receives electromagnetic waves through a lens has unique advantages in high-dust, harsh temperature environments (220°C).
The liquid level meter provides flange or threaded connection methods, making installation convenient and easy.



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