Metal tube rotameter advantages

Metal tube rotameter advantages

Metal tube float flowmeter is a variable area flow measurement instrument commonly used in industrial automation process control. It has the characteristics of small size, large detection range and easy use. It can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam, and is especially suitable for medium flow measurement with low flow rate and small flow rate.

Advantages of metal tube float flowmeter:

1. Rotameter is used for small pipe diameter and low flow rate. Commonly used instrument diameters are 40-50mm or less, and small diameters are 1.5-4mm. It is suitable for measuring low flow rates and small flows. Taking liquids as an example, the nominal diameter of the full-scale flow rate of a glass tube rotor flowmeter with a diameter of 10mm or less, the flow rate is only between 0.2-0.6m/s, or even lower than 0.1m/s; metal Tube float flowmeters and glass tube rotor flowmeters with a diameter greater than 15mm are slightly higher, with flow rates between 0.5-1.5m/s.

2. The rotameter can be used for lower Reynolds numbers, and a float with a viscosity-insensitive shape should be used. As long as the Reynolds number at the flow annulus is greater than 40 or 500, the flow coefficient will remain constant as the Reynolds number changes, that is, changes in fluid viscosity will not affect the flow coefficient. . This value is far lower than the low Reynolds number requirement of 104-105 for standard orifice plate and other throttling differential pressure instruments.

3. Most rotameter flowmeters do not have upstream straight pipe section requirements, or the requirements for the upstream straight pipe section are not high.

4. The rotameter has a wide flow range, generally 10:1, the lowest is 5:1, and the highest is 25:1.

5. The output of the flow detection element is close to linear

6. Lower pressure loss.

7. Glass tube rotameter has a simple structure and low price.

8. It is easy to use as long as the flow is directed on site.



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