Ultrasonic Level Gauge

Ultrasonic Level Gauge

Ultrasonic liquid level/level meter uses the principle of ultrasonic pulse for non-contact measurement. It is a non-contact, high reliability, cost-effective, 
easy to install and maintain level measuring instrument. It can meet most level measurement requirements without contacting the medium.
It integrates functions such as liquid level, water level, distance measurement, display, and transmission. The measured medium is almost unrestricted 
and can be widely used to measure the height of various liquids and solid materials.
1. LCD dot matrix Chinese character/English display, simple operation
2. Precision filtering algorithm to eliminate false measurements
3. Multiple working conditions algorithm selection to ensure measurement accuracy
4. Piezoelectric wave surfing safety protection
5. Automatic sound speed and temperature compensation
6. Echo curve display helps on-site debugging and fault detection
7. Self-test function, with rich self-test information to facilitate user maintenance and debugging
8. Independent password function. Different levels of passwords can be set for factory and calibration to facilitate management.
9. Multiple display units optional
10. The range ratio is expanded to prevent the measured value from exceeding the range and causing misjudgment.



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