Vortex flowmeter Features

 Vortex flowmeter Features
●Easy to install and easy to maintain
● Simple and firm structure, no moving parts, very reliable operation
● Wide range, the turndown ratio can reach 1:15
● Small pressure loss, low operating cost, and more energy-saving significance
● Wide range of applications, liquid, gas and steam can be measured
● The verification period is long, usually two years
● Within a certain range of Reynolds number, the output signal is not affected by the physical properties and 
  composition of the measured medium, and the meter coefficient is only related to the shape and size of the vortex generator.
  It is generally not necessary to re-calibrate the meter coefficients after exchanging accessories
● It can be displayed on-site, or transmitted over a long distance, and can also be networked with a computer control system
● The detection probe does not directly contact the measured medium, and the performance is more stable


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