Thermal Flowmeter

 Characteristics of Thermal Flowmeter
1, no moving parts, the sealing surface is reduced, greatly reducing the leakage rate, easy to install and daily maintenance;
2, wide measuring range, the maximum measuring range of up to 20:1 (liquid) or 30:1 (gas);
3, accurate measurement, high precision;
4, high sensitivity, can measure ultra-small flow, it can measure the low flow rate of 0.08m/s, electromagnetic flowmeter 0.5m/s;
5, good repeatability, generally 0.05 ~ 0.08%, with optional small signal excision, nonlinear correction, filtering time can be selected;
6, the pressure loss is small, the small aperture is only about 1/2△P of the standard hole plate; The pressure loss above DN100 caliber began to decrease significantly;
7, convenient calibration, in addition to the standard device verification, can also use dry calibration method, that is, the use of weight hanging method, 
single key operation can complete the calibration;
8, can be changed according to the actual need to replace the choke and change the flow range, online removable plug-in structure can achieve no production, 
no interruption maintenance or replacement;
9, low-power battery field display, can directly read the value online, the display can read the instantaneous flow cumulative flow and percentage bar chart at the same time, 
and can switch to display the compensation temperature and compensation pressure indication;
10, anti-interference, anti-impurity ability is very strong, a variety of output forms, can transmit a variety of parameters, use without mixing heat.
11, the measurement of gas without temperature and pressure compensation, can directly display the standard volume flow.


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