Electromagnetic Flowmeter

 Electromagnetic Flowmeter Common Fault

1: Faults during the debugging process appear during the initial installation and debugging of the electromagnetic flowmeter, but once they are improved and eliminated, t
hey will generally not reappear under the same conditions in the future.The common faults in the commissioning process mainly include improper installation, 
environmental interference and the influence of fluid characteristics.
Piping systems and installations, etc.
Usually, the fault is caused by the incorrect installation position of the electromagnetic flow sensor, such as installing the flow sensor at a high point of the pipe network, 
where the trapped gas is easy to accumulate, there is no back pressure behind the electromagnetic flow sensor, and the liquid is directly discharged to atmosphere,
Forming an incomplete pipe in its measuring pipe, mounted on a vertical pipe that flows from top to bottom, can lead to emptying, etc.
2: runtime failure.
After a period of preliminary debugging and normal operation, common faults that occur during operation include: adhesion layer on the inner wall of the flow sensor, 
lightning strikes and electric shocks, and changes in environmental conditions.
Lightning strikes induce instantaneous high voltage and surge current in the line, which will damage the instrument when it enters the instrument. There are three ways 
that a lightning strike can be introduced into the instrument: the flow signal line between the power line, the sensor scoop converter, and the excitation line.



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