What are the interference factors of the turbine flow meter

 What are the interference factors of the turbine flow meter

Q&T INSTRUMENT specializes in the production of turbine flow meters, providing professional flow meter selection, after-sales technical support and on-site guidance. The main products of our company's turbine flow meters include intelligent turbine flow meters, sanitary turbine flow meters, basic liquid turbine flow meters, gas turbine flow meters, threaded liquid turbine flow meters, clamp liquid turbine flow meters and It is equipped with an intelligent flow totalizer that displays instantaneous flow, cumulative flow and control flow, etc. Let me analyze the interference factors of the turbine flow meter:

1. There are generally some impurities in the medium, which will cause wear to the bearings and shafts, increasing the gap between the two, destroying the dynamic balance of the moving parts, reducing the speed, or dirt entering the gap, increasing the movement resistance , the speed drops. These reasons all cause the display value of the instrument to decrease, and a negative error occurs, which is unfavorable to the supplier of the fluid.

2. Changes in fluid temperature and pressure may cause the liquid in the pipeline to escape the air contained in it, or because the pressure in the pipeline is lower than the saturated vapor pressure of the fluid, part of the liquid will become steam, or the negative pressure of the medium may make the outside The gas is sucked into the pipeline, and the gas flows with the liquid to be measured, causing the indicator value of the instrument to increase and a positive error to occur, which is not good for the buyer of the fluid.

3. Fibrous or viscous impurities in the fluid are attached to the rotating part of the flow meter, which increases the rotational resistance, reduces the indicated value of the meter, and causes negative errors, which is not good for the supplier of the fluid.

4. The working environment is relatively harsh, such as electromagnetic field interference, dust, high temperature, vibration, humidity, etc., which may cause malfunction or failure of the turbine flow sensor, and directly cause the indication error of the turbine flow meter. The error may be positive or negative. value, which may not be apparent, or may be completely invalid. For the above phenomenon, when it is more serious, the problem can be found from the comparison of the working status of the process, and it is easy to take corresponding measures. However, in its infancy, problems cannot be detected without taking special measures.

5. In addition, according to the principle of the turbine flow meter and field work experience, it is recommended to add a pair of pressure measuring ports on the pipe wall of the upstream and downstream of the flow meter, each of which is 2 times the diameter of the pipe at the initial stage of the installation of the turbine flow meter. In the working state, record the comparison relationship between the indication value of the flow meter and the indication value of the differential pressure gauge. If everything is normal at this time, take this comparison relationship as the basis for checking whether the flow meter works normally in the future. For example, measure this comparative relationship regularly, and if it is found that the indicated value of the flow meter is too small under the same indication value of the differential pressure meter, it may be suspected that the flow meter is faulty.    

When checking the sensor of the flow meter, you can check the transmitter first. The method is to remove the transmitter separately, input a known signal, and compare the output value to find the problem. If the fault cannot be eliminated in a short time, it can be replaced with a new one. If it is not the cause, the flow meter should be removed from the process pipeline, further careful inspection, and symptomatic treatment. For dirty fluids or liquids that may generate gas. When installing a turbine flow meter, you can install a filter or gas eliminator and gas collector upstream of it to strengthen daily maintenance work, regularly clean the filter, remove the gas or debris in the gas eliminator and gas collector, and ensure that the flow meter of normal operation.


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