Analysis of inaccurate measurement of vortex flow meter

Analysis of inaccurate measurement of vortex flow meter

During the measurement process of vortex street flow meters, it is not accurate to measure. Today, we will analyze the accuracy of the vortex flow meter accuracy and the solution method. 

1. The impact of the medium temperature measurement measurement measurement of vortex street flow meters on measurement.

The effect of temperature changes on the measuring body geometric dimensions is composed of two parts. One is caused by changes in vortex of vortex flow meter; the other is caused by changes in the pipeline. Elimination of this effect is generally modified on the K coefficient. At present, our company's vortex flow meter has impact on the temperature and fixed temperature correction and real -time temperature correction in the software.

2. The effect of vortex flow meter vortex occurring the accumulation of the stream of flowing surface.

If there is a viscous particles in the tested stream, it may gradually accumulate on the vortex of the vortex flow meter on the vortex meter to make the geometric shape and size change, so the flow coefficient also changes accordingly. Therefore Pay attention to cleaning up.

3. Question of vortex traffic meter selection

The actual selection should be selected as small as possible to improve the measurement accuracy. For example, a few equipment is used for the design of a vortex street traffic meter. Because some equipment is not used, the actual traffic is reduced. The use of the original design selection is too large, which is equivalent to increasing the measured lower limit of the measured traffic. The indication indicator cannot be guaranteed when the small traffic of the process pipeline is not guaranteed, and it can be used when the flow is large, because it is difficult to re -transform it. The changes in process conditions are just temporary. Can be re -set with parameters to improve the accuracy of the instructions.

4. The effects of the inner diameter of the vortex flow meter with inconsistency caused by the inconsistency of the inner diameter of the flow meter meter.

5. The problem of the installation of vortex flow meters

It is mainly because the length of the direct tube section in front of the sensor of the vortex flow meter is not enough, and the measurement accuracy is affected, for example: the direct tube section in front of the sensor is obviously insufficient. Because the vortex flow meter is not used for measurement, it is only used for internal assessment. Therefore, the current accuracy can be used quite equally. Used in downgrade.

6. Reasons for the direction of the vortex traffic meter parameter

The error of the vortex flow meter's parameter causes the instrument instrument. Parameter errors make the secondary instrument full frequency calculation error, and the fullness frequency of the fullness is not much different. Disagreement affects the final determination of the parameter. Eventually, the parameters are determined by re -calibrating the combination of combination, and such problems are solved.


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