Inline single channel ultrasonic flow meter delivery

 Inline single channel ultrasonic flow meter delivery

On 19th, June. 2023 we deliveried more than 20 pcs integrated inline ultrasonic flow meter to Thailand, which used to measure the city water supply.

The integrated inline ultrasonic flow meter/heat meter uses the principle of ultrasonic Transit Time to measure flow, and can measure size DN15~DN3000. This series of products have the advantages of high accuracy, strong anti-interference ability, stable and reliable work, and multi-interfaces. Each component is designed in accordance with the IP68, which is suitable for harsh working conditions.

The QTFS flowmeter adopts the world's most advanced integrated circuit and microprocessor to realize intelligent control. There is no need to adjust any component parameters during the production process. All STM welding, product consistency is good, to ensure that every machine out of the factory reaches the best performance, best working condition.

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