The reasons for the low or high value of the electromagnetic flowmeter

 The reasons for the low or high value of the electromagnetic flowmeter

The reason for this situation in the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter may be the mechanical zero point of the electromagnetic flowmeter, the wrong calibration, the lack of attention to technical and site requirements, the incorrect sensor setting position, the incorrect length of the straight pipe before and after the sensor. The liquid does not meet the entire pipeline, Or a large number of bubble electrode resistance, insulation resistance and other changes in converter parameters do not meet the measurement requirements. The flowmeter manufacturer recommends that Daye can use the following methods for inspection and processing.
1. By comparing the historical data of the measuring instrument and the measurement results of other types of flowmeters, and then maintaining stability according to the material of the entire process, to ensure that the process data and the data of the measuring instrument are basically the same, which is convenient for employees to judge and deal with faults.
1) When the electromagnetic flowmeter finds that the measurement data is wrong, first check whether the sensor is consistent with the converter, and determine whether the diameter, range, unit, etc. are set correctly. The zero point of the converter detects a large value by the input analog signal.
2) Check whether the connection between the wire and the port is loose, and whether the zero grounding between the wire and the electromagnetic shield meets the process standard. Use a multimeter to measure the insulation resistance of the electrodes, and the sensor needs to be powered off.
3) Remove the sensor, drain the liquid in the pipe, scrub the lining, measure the resistance value of the two electrodes and the flange with a multimeter. The insulation resistance of the measuring electrode is >100mω. Under normal circumstances, the resistance value exceeds 1000mω. 


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