Electromagnetic water meter advantages

 Electromagnetic water meter advantages

As one of the current mainstream smart water meters, the electromagnetic water meter has been continuously recognized by users since its inception and occupies an important position in the field of water meters. Its advantages in various aspects are self-evident. What specific advantages does it have? The editor will probably introduce to you the ten advantages of electromagnetic water meters.  
1. The range ratio is large. The range ratio of the electromagnetic water meter can reach 400, which means that it can accurately measure whether it is a large flow or a small flow, reducing the loss caused by non-measurement or wrong measurement.
2. The pressure loss is small. The electromagnetic water meter adopts a straight-through tube design without moving parts, so the pressure loss is almost zero.
3. Long service life, the battery life of the electromagnetic water meter can reach 6 years, but it should be determined according to the frequency of uploading data. The upload frequency needs to be too high, which will affect the life of the electromagnetic water meter. After replacing the battery, the electromagnetic water meter can still be used normally.
4. The whole machine has IP68 waterproof protection level. The electromagnetic water meter adopts the whole machine submersible design, and the protection level reaches IP68. The installation location is almost unlimited, and it can even work in water for a long time.
5. Integrated remote pressure transmission, the electromagnetic water meter can not only measure the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow, but also measure the pressure of the pipe network. These data can be transmitted to the user terminal in time, so that the user can know the situation in time and ensure the normal operation of the pipe network.
6. The installation is convenient. In a smooth situation, a technician can complete all the installation work within two hours.
7. To prevent lightning strikes, the electromagnetic water meter adopts a grounding lightning protection design to ensure that the system is well grounded, and the liquid ground is well connected to the ground, avoiding the lightning current conducted by the pipeline and the fluid medium flowing through the water meter body.
8. Strong anti-interference ability, even in the environment of frequency converter, water pump, etc., it can also measure accurately.
9. The zero-point flow is stable, the user will stop when the water is turned off, and the instantaneous flow is zero, avoiding disputes over water charges.
10. Immediately report any changes. The electromagnetic water meter will immediately remind the user in the event of abnormal battery power, excess water, non-full pipe, sudden change, etc.


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