Sonic nozzle calibration device

Sonic nozzle calibration device

These days,we produce 3 sets sonic nozzle testing device for 3 different countries.
It can calibrate vairoud gas meter,like vortex,gas turbine,thermal,etc.

It has below features:
1) The device has compact structure, good repeatability and reliability. The fluid is air pollution-free, safe and reliable, and the flow temperature is stable, which will not affect the calibration accuracy.
2) The nozzle structure is simple, durable, easy to replicate and inspect, and the uncertainty of its outflow coefficient is ≦0.2%
We innovatively adopt high-vacuum straight-through valve, which has fast action response speed, such as ISO160 switch response speed of 1s, and the small valve is faster. At the same time, it also has a long service life (800,000 switching operations) and an ultra-low leakage rate of 1.3×10¯7Pa.√.S-1.
3) Air source Roots blower, flexible combination, frequency conversion control saves operating costs and reduces noise.
4) When the device is working, multiple nozzles can be freely combined according to the flow rate, so the measurement range is wide. The lower limit is 1M³/h, and the upper limit is 3000M³/h. Larger flow can be designed according to customer requirements.


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