digital cnc put into use

Digital cnc put into use

Upon the new market trend,our company Q&T INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD buy a big CNC machines.And now it formally put into the use.
CNC machinery has been designed for the modern technical. With intuitive, industry-leading controls and a rock-solid build, 







The CNC machines can machine the many parts of flowmeters.Like throat,plate,flange,etc.It can insure the quality and fast delivery.

For general numerical control machine tools, it often includes man-machine control interface, numerical control system, servo drive device, machine tool, detection device, etc. With the help of some computer-aided manufacturing software, the operator will perform various operations required in the processing process ( Steps such as the speed change of the spindle and the shape and size of the workpiece) are represented by the part program code, and input to the CNC machine tool through the human and control interface, and then the CNC system processes and calculates these information, and controls the servo motor according to the requirements of the part program. Realize the relative movement between the tool and the workpiece to complete the machining of the parts.

We always engaged ourself to make the new development and continue to invest and adopt the new technology,to meet the strictly requirements of customers.


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