Calibration methods for vortex flow meters:

Calibration methods for vortex flow meters:

1. Avoid excessive flow rate: Excessive flow rate can cause pressure loss and fluid oscillation. Therefore, when using vortex flow meters, appropriate flow rate ranges should be selected based on specific pipeline conditions.

2. Regular cleaning and maintenance: Long term use can lead to the accumulation of dirt inside the vortex flowmeter, affecting accuracy and stability. Regular cleaning and maintenance are important steps to ensure stable flow meter performance.

3. Preventing vibration and shock: Vortex flow meters are susceptible to external forces, especially vibration and shock, so corresponding measures need to be taken, such as installing buffers or vibration isolation devices.

4. Calibration method: Use a standard flow meter or other reliable calibration equipment to calibrate the vortex flowmeter according to the instructions in the operating manual. Calibration mainly includes zero calibration and range calibration.

5. Test method: After calibration is completed, perform flow test verification. During testing, pay attention to ensuring stable fluid flow and record the values displayed by the flow meter.


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