Matters needing attention when installing electromagnetic flowmeter

 Matters needing attention when installing electromagnetic flowmeter
1) When measuring a mixed-phase fluid, choose a place that will not cause phase separation; when measuring a two-component liquid, avoid installing it downstream of uneven mixing; when measuring a chemical reaction tube, install it downstream of the complete reaction section;
2) Try to avoid the measurement pipeline from becoming negative pressure;
3) Choose a place with little vibration, especially the integrated instrument;
4) Avoid large motors, large transformers, etc. nearby, so as not to cause electromagnetic field interference; 5) Places where it is easy to achieve separate grounding of sensors;
6) Try to avoid high concentration of corrosive gas in the surrounding environment;
7) The ambient temperature is within the range of -25/-10~50/600°C, and the overall structure temperature is also affected by electronic components, and the range is narrow;
8) The relative humidity of the environment is between 10% and 90%;
9) Try to avoid direct sunlight;
10) Avoid soaking in rain, not soaked by water. If the degree of protection is IP67 (dust-proof and water-proof) or IP68 (dust-proof and water-proof), the above two requirements of 8) and 10) are unnecessary.


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