Common fault analysis and solutions for radar level gauges

 Common fault analysis and solutions for radar level gauges
The failure of the radar level gauge is often caused by various factors such as model selection, installation, production conditions, and the instrument itself. The following are several factors that affect the measurement of radar level gauges:
1. The antenna type, size and material of the radar level gauge. The horn antenna has a larger measurement range than the rod antenna, and the antenna material is PTFE. The antenna size is too small, and it is prone to wave loss when measuring the bottom of the tank.
2. The installation is unreasonable. If the connecting pipe is too long, the antenna does not protrude 10mm from the connecting pipe, the inner wall of the connecting pipe is not smooth, there are burr welds, and the radar level gauge is installed at the feeding port, etc.
3. The conditions of the measured liquid level include turbulence, stirring or foam.
4. The influence of dielectric constant. The dielectric constant of solid mineral materials and powder materials is low, and the microwave reflection intensity is weak.
5. The influence of condensed water. Although the influence of water vapor on radar waves is very small, it will cause some condensed water to affect the normal operation of the liquid level gauge when the weather is cold. After testing and comparison, the radar level gauge using the rod antenna is less affected by the condensed water produced by water vapor.
6. Dirt on the antenna. The scarring on the horn mouth antenna will weaken the energy of the microwave, or even lose the wave, making the instrument unable to measure, so the antenna of the radar level gauge must be kept clean. When cleaning scars or dust, pay attention to protect the transmitter to avoid damage and affect the measurement.
7. Dust. Although microwaves can penetrate the influence of dust, in some cases of extreme dust, the raised dust may adhere to the radar wave transmitting electrode, resulting in attenuation or even complete loss of the transmitted signal.
8. Failure of instrument parts. Instrument display panel failure: Generally, it does not affect the 4-20mA signal sent to the main control room and can be replaced. Instrument circuit board failure: The circuit board inside the radar level gauge can be replaced.


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