What are the characteristics of rotameter?

 What are the characteristics of rotameter?

1. The float flowmeter is suitable for small diameter and low flow rate, and the outer diameter is less than 50mm. If a float with a shape that is not sensitive to viscosity is selected, the Reynolds number at the circulation annulus can be as low as 40~500, and the flow coefficient tends to be constant at this time. Because the rotameter is suitable for many types of measured fluids, it is widely used in the field of small and micro flow measurement.
2. The requirement for the length of the upstream straight pipe section is not high.
3. Width planning degree, generally 10:1, lower 5:1, higher 25:1. The output characteristics are approximately this linear and the pressure drop is low.
4. The glass tube rotameter has a simple structure and low price, and is mostly used for on-site indication, but the glass tube is easily broken and cannot be used in high temperature and high pressure places.
5. Metal tube rotameter can be used in high temperature and high pressure places, and has standardized signal output, but the price is more expensive.
6. The appearance structure of large flow is clumsy, and the general diameter does not exceed dn250mm.


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