Advantages of Ultrasonic Flow Meters in Pipeline Leak Monitoring Systems

Ultrasonic flowmeter is a very convenient flow meter, especially on large-diameter water supply pipelines. Ultrasonic flowmeters can install the probe on the outer surface of the pipeline to achieve continuous flow without destroying the original pipeline to measure the flow, so it is widely used. Pipeline transportation is widely used in the transportation of oil, natural gas and other liquids, gases and slurries due to its unique advantages of economy, portability and safety, and has become one of the five major transportation industries that keep pace with railway, highway, air and water transportation. However, with the growth of pipelines and the inevitable natural or man-made reasons such as corrosion and wear, pipeline accidents frequently occur.
The leakage of the pipeline not only affects normal production, causing energy waste and economic loss, but also due to the danger and pollution of the transported medium, once an accident occurs, it will also cause environmental pollution and huge loss of life and property. An important pipeline fault monitoring technology. In order to reduce losses, it is necessary to detect leaks as soon as they occur, and to be able to pinpoint the location of the leak.
Some existing pipeline leakage monitoring methods or instruments can not meet the requirements of accurate monitoring of oil pipelines. Therefore, combined with the actual situation of pipeline transportation in my country, the crude oil pipeline leakage monitoring technology and its operation monitoring switch are studied. An ultrasonic flowmeter oil pipeline leakage monitoring method is proposed, which improves the positioning accuracy and reduces the monitoring cost.


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