Battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter features

The battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter is specially designed for the water industry to meet the requirements of urban water supply and ensure accurate water tariff calculation.
Features of battery powered electromagnetic flowmeter:
Full digital processing, strong anti-interference ability, reliable measurement, high precision, flow measurement range up to 150:1
Ultra-low EMI switching power supply, suitable for a wide range of power supply voltage changes, good anti-EMI performance.
Adopt 16-bit embedded microprocessor, fast operation speed, high precision, programmable frequency low-frequency rectangular wave excitation, which improves the stability of flow measurement and low power consumption.
Using SMD devices and surface mount (SMT) technology, the circuit reliability is high.
There are no moving parts and no blocking parts in the pipeline, and there is almost no additional pressure loss in the measurement.
In the field, the range can be modified online according to the actual needs of users.
The measurement results have nothing to do with the flow velocity distribution, fluid pressure, temperature, density, viscosity and other physical parameters.
High-definition backlit LCD display, full Chinese menu operation, easy to use, simple to operate, easy to learn and understand.
With digital communication signal output such as RS485, RS232, Hart and Modbus. (optional)
It has the function of self-check and self-diagnosis.
Hourly total recording function, recording the total flow in units of hours, suitable for time-sharing metering system (optional)
There are three totalizers inside, which can display the forward cumulative amount, the reverse cumulative amount and the difference value cumulative amount respectively. (optional)
Infrared handheld operator, 115KHZ communication rate, long-distance non-contact operation of all functions of the converter (optional)


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