Partially filled magnetic flow meter


QTLD/F model partial filled pipe electromagnetic flow meter is composed of a flow rate sensor, a level sensor and a flow indicator. It continuously measures the flow rate and liquid level of the fluid in the pipeline. The user only needs to input the inner diameter of the circular pipeline or the width of the square pipeline. QTLD/F model partial filled pipe electromagnetic flow meter will automatically calculate the flow rate in the pipeline and automatically display the measurement parameters such as instantaneous flow rate, flow velocity, and cumulative flow rate in the pipeline.

 It can be used for flow measurement of open partial filled pipes (round pipes, rectangular pipes).

 It can be applied to continuous measurement of municipal rainwater, waste water, sewage discharge and irrigation pipes.

 Can realize forward and reverse two-way flow measurement.

 The sensor can work for a long time in harsh installation points and sewage water quality.

 High flow measurement accuracy, and not affected by downstream, tributary congestion, blockage and other factors.

 The length of the straight pipe section of the measuring pipe is 10 times the pipe diameter.

 Backlight LCD, no matter it is under strong light or at night, the measurement data can be read clearly.


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