What are the advantages of temperature and pressure compensation integrated vortex flowmeter

 What are the advantages of temperature and pressure compensation integrated vortex flowmeter

The biggest advantage of the vortex flowmeter is that the instrument coefficient is not affected by the physical properties of the measurement medium, and can be extended from a typical medium to other media. However, due to the large difference in the flow rate range of liquid and gas, the frequency range also varies greatly. In the amplifier circuit dealing with the vortex signal, the passband of the filter is different, and the circuit parameters are also different. Therefore, the same circuit parameter cannot be used to measure different media. The vortex flowmeter is a new type of flowmeter based on the Karman vortex principle to measure the fluid flow in closed pipelines. Because of its good medium adaptability, it can directly measure the working condition volume flow of steam, air, gas, water and liquid without temperature and pressure compensation. Equipped with temperature and pressure sensors, it can measure the standard condition volume flow and mass flow, which is a throttling Ideal replacement for flowmeters. In addition, the density of gas and liquid is very different, and the signal intensity generated during vortex separation is proportional to the density, so the signal intensity is also very different. The gains and trigger sensitivities of the liquid and gas amplifier circuits are different, the piezoelectric charges are greatly different, and the parameters of the charge amplifiers are also different. Even if it is the same gas (or liquid, steam), as the pressure, temperature, and density of the medium are different, the flow range used is different, the signal strength is also different, and the circuit parameters also need to be changed. Therefore, it is not feasible for a vortex flowmeter to change the medium used or the caliber of the meter without hardware or software modifications.


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