Wedge flowmeter ready for shipment

Wedge flowmeter ready for shipment

Throttling Devices can be divided into two kinds, which are Standard Throttling Devices and Non-Standard Throttling Devices. Those which stipulations of the design, installation and use are in compliance with ISO 5167 or GB/T 2624 can be called Standard Throttling Devices; otherwise, they will be called Non-Standard Throttling Devices. Generally speaking, there are more people using Standard Throttling Devices than Non-Standard Throttling Devices. However, the structure models, specifications of the diameter and applications of the measured mediums of Non-Standard Throttling Devices are far more than that of Standard Throttling Devices.

The Differential-pressure flowmeter is made up of the throttling device, differential transmitter and flow accumulator. The throttling device is a primary element installed on the pipeline, mainly applied in measuring the flow of all kinds of gases (which is pure or containing dust), steams (which is saturated or superheated) and liquids (which is conductive or non-conductive, of strong corrosivity, sticky, smudged or containing particles, etc.), and can measure the volume flow or quality flow directly.


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