wafer magnetic flowmeter ready for shipping

Wafer magnetic flowmeter ready for shipping

QTLD/W wafer electromagnetic flow meter is designed with flangeless structure for minimum size and weight.
Eliminate gaskets and prevent moisture ingress with an all-welded sensor. No moving parts, which reduced the
maintenance and repair with an obstructionless design. Alignment rings are available to install easily. 

Wafer electromagnetic flow meter has short body, it can be
installed in narrow areas such as well, ditch, irrigation pipe, etc.

And wafer electromagnetic flow meter adopts harmless and
durable stainless steel as raw material(SS304 or SS316), so it
can be used for drinking water, underground water, etc.

For food 
grade measurement, we suggest customer use SS316 material.
Wafer electromagnetic flow meter is easy to deliver, save your
freight fee. Not only its body is short and thin, but its weight is
also very light.


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