Tri-clamp Liquid turbine flow meter application

The tri-clamp type turbine flowmeter is a precision flow measuring instrument, which can be used to measure the flow and total amount of liquid when matched with the corresponding flow totalizer. It is widely used in metering and control systems in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, scientific research and other fields. Clamp-on liquid turbine flowmeter sensors with sanitary fittings can be used in the pharmaceutical industry. The structure is explosion-proof design, which can display the total flow, the instantaneous flow and the percentage of full flow. The battery adopts long-term lithium battery. The battery life of the single-function accumulator can reach more than 5 years, and the battery life of the multi-function display watch can also reach more than 12 months. The Z-clamp turbine flowmeter can display many flow units, including cubic meters, gallons, liters, standard cubic meters, standard liters, etc. It can set fixed pressure and temperature parameters to compensate for the gas, and the pressure and temperature parameters are not changed. In large cases, the instrument can be used for fixed compensation accumulation.
  • Product Features of Clamp Type Liquid Turbine Flowmeter
1. Accuracy generally up to ±1%R, ±0.5%R, high precision type up to ±0.2%R;
2. High frequency signal (3-4kHz) can be obtained, and the signal resolution is strong; 
3. Good repeatability, short-term repeatability can reach 0.05%~0.2%, it is precisely because of its good repeatability, such as frequent calibration or online calibration, it can obtain extremely high accuracy, and it is the preferred flowmeter in trade settlement;
4. Output pulse frequency signal, suitable for total measurement and connection with computer, no zero drift, strong anti-interference ability;
5. It is suitable for high pressure measurement, and there is no need to open holes on the meter body, and it is easy to make a high pressure meter;
6. The range is wide, the medium and large diameters can reach 1:20, and the small diameters are 1:10;
7. Compact and lightweight structure, easy installation and maintenance, and large flow capacity;
8. There are many types of sensors, which can be designed into various types of sensors according to the special needs of users, such as low temperature type, bidirectional type, downhole type, sand mixing type, etc.
  •    Applicable places for clamp type liquid turbine flowmeter
1. Pharmaceutical industry: filling and metering of infusion products such as physiological saline and glucose water.
2. Food and beverage industry: filling and metering of liquid food such as vegetable juice, fruit juice, beer, and refined oil.


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