selection standards and regulations for metal tube to flow meters

Selection standards and regulations for metal tube to flow meters

Compared to other industrial instruments, metal tube flow meters are relatively niche, especially when it comes to how to choose this product, which many people are not familiar with. Therefore, buying the wrong product often occurs, wasting more time and economic costs. In order to help people avoid detours and choose a rotor flow meter that suits their needs faster and better, they can try the following aspects:

1. Measurement range:

The measurement range refers to the range and upper and lower limits of the flow rate of the measured medium fluid. It is necessary to select appropriate caliber and nominal diameter according to industry measurement requirements to ensure that the rotor flowmeter can meet the measurement requirements of the measured fluid。

2. Accuracy:

The accuracy of a rotameter is related to its range ratio and corresponding time factors. Therefore, when confirming the accuracy of a rotameter, one should not only look at the accuracy level marked on the nameplate, but also combine other parameters to conduct a comprehensive historical analysis to see if it can meet their own requirements.

What are the selection criteria for rotameters。

3. Stability:

The stability of a rotameter refers to the ability of the flowmeter to maintain accuracy and avoid damage during long-term use. A rotor flowmeter with good stability not only ensures accurate and effective measurement, but also has a relatively longer service life, which is very important for improving measurement efficiency.


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