QTLZZ Metal Tube Rotameter

QTLZZ Metal Tube Rotameter

QTLZZ Series intelligent Metal tube rotameter is a variable area flow meter which is based on the float position measurement. With full-metal structure, it has the features of small size, low pressure loss, large range ratio (10~20:1), optional transmitter with HART communication function, and convenient installation &maintenance etc. It is widely used in flow measurement and process control of small flow, low flow rate, and various industries under complex and harsh environments.

Below is adantages
1. Robust all-metal structure design.
2. Suitable for gas and liquid measurement in various industries.
3. Cone-shape measuring tube design, which has wide measuring range and good linearity.
4. Wetted parts material are optional: SS304 SS316L,FEP, Hastelloy C,Titanium.
5. Adopt advanced magnetic coupling system design, improve the accuracy and stability


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