Oval Gear Flow Meter Oil Flow Meter

Q&T Oval Gear Flow Meter Oil Flow Meter

The main structure of oval gear flowmeter is composed of housing, counter, oval gear and coupling. A pair of meshing gears installed in the metering box forms a sealed moon cavity with 
the upper and lower cover plates. When measuring, the medium drags the gear to rotate one revolution, which is used as the calculation unit for one displacement.
When the liquid to be measured enters the flowmeter through the pipeline, the pressure difference generated at the inlet and outlet drives a pair of gears to rotate continuously, 
and the liquid measured in the crescent-shaped cavity is continuously transported to the outlet. The product of the number of revolutions of the oval gear and four times each 
displacement is the total amount of liquid flow measured.
The oval gear flowmeter is a positive displacement flowmeter, and the flow measurement has nothing to do with the flow state of the liquid, and there is basically no straight pipe section. 
This is because the oval gear flowmeter is measured by the pressure head of the measured medium pushing the oval gear to rotate. The greater the viscosity of the medium, 
the smaller the leakage of the medium from the gear and the metering gap, and the smaller the design error.



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