Natural Gas Turbine Flowmeter Installation Requirements

 Natural Gas Turbine Flowmeter Installation Requirements
1.A filter must be installed before the gas turbine flowmeter; the filter should be kept unobstructed. 
If the filter is found to be blocked (it can be judged by the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the filter), 
the filter should be cleaned in time. Scheduled to be cleaned once a month.
2.To ensure the requirements of the straight pipe section, especially if there is a reduced diameter or half-open valve in front of the meter.
3.During installation, the gasket shall not protrude into the pipeline, 
and there shall be no obvious deviation between the flowmeter and the axis of the pipeline, and installation stress shall not be generated.
4.When installing, be sure to clean up all impurities in the pipeline to prevent the bearings and turbine from getting stuck.



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