Natural Gas Turbine Flow Meter

                                 Gas Turbine Flow Meter
The gas turbine flowmeter is a precision flow measuring instrument, which can be used to measure the flow and 
total amount of liquid when matched with the corresponding flow totalizing instrument.Gas turbine flowmeters are widely used in 
measurement and control systems in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, scientific research and other fields. Gas turbine flowmeters equipped with sanitary fittings can be used in the pharmaceutical industry.
The structure of the integrated gas turbine flowmeter is an explosion-proof design, which can display the total flow, instantaneous flow and the percentage of full flow.
The battery adopts a long-term lithium battery, and the service life of the battery of the single-function integrating meter can reach more than 5 years, 
and the service life of the battery of the multi-function display meter can also reach more than 12 months.The integrated meter can display many flow units, 
including cubic meters, gallons, liters, standard cubic meters, standard liters, etc., and can set fixed pressure and temperature parameters to compensate for gas.
For occasions where the pressure and temperature parameters do not change much, the instrument can be used for fixed compensation integration.


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