Metal tube rotameter disadvantages

 Metal tube rotameter disadvantages

Metal tube rotameter is a variable area flow measurement instrument commonly used in industrial automation process control. It has the characteristics of small size, large detection range and convenient use. It can be used to measure the flow of liquid, gas and steam, especially suitable for medium flow measurement with low flow rate and small flow.

Disadvantages of metal tube rotameter:

1. When the fluid used is different from the factory calibration fluid, the flow indication should be corrected. The liquid rotameter is usually calibrated with water, and the gas is calibrated with air. If the density and viscosity of the actual fluid used are different, the flow rate should deviate from the original graduation value and should be converted and corrected.

2. Glass rotameters have the risk of brittle glass tubes, especially with non-guided structure floats for gases.

3. Most of the structure rotameter can only be used for pipeline installation with vertical flow from bottom to top.

4. The application of rotameter is limited to small and medium pipe diameters. Ordinary full-flow rotameters cannot be used for large pipe diameters. The large diameter of glass tube rotameters is 150mm, and that of metal rotameters is 200mm. Larger pipe diameters can only be used for split flow. type instrument.



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