Metal Tube Flowmeter

 Metal Tube Flowmeter

Metal tube flowmeter is a commonly used flow measurement device, which determines the flow rate of the fluid by measuring the flow velocity 
and the up and down movement of the rotor under the action of buoyancy. This type of metal tube flowmeter usually adopts an all-metal structure, 
with the characteristics of small pressure loss, large range ratio (usually 10:1), easy installation and maintenance, etc., 
suitable for complex and harsh environments and flow measurement and process control of various media conditions. 
Metal tube flowmeter is suitable for flow measurement of small-caliber and low-flow media, reliable operation, low maintenance, long life, 
and low requirements for straight pipe sections. They are also resistant to high temperature and high pressure. There are two types: ordinary type and anti-corrosion type. 
They are suitable for the measurement of media containing ferromagnetic particles, and a magnetic filter needs to be installed at the inlet of the flowmeter.


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