Key points for setting up the radar level gauge for the first time

Key points for setting up the radar level gauge for the first time

1. Install and connect the equipment. First, we need to choose a suitable location to install the radar level gauge. Try to choose a place that is far away from the edge of the liquid container and less susceptible to interference, and adjust the verticality and horizontality of the equipment.
2. Configuration parameters. First, the density and dielectric constant of the liquid need to be set. These parameters can be found in the relevant physical property tables of the liquid raw materials. Secondly, the detection range needs to be configured, that is, the high and low levels of the liquid. In addition, the alarm value also needs to be set. When the liquid level exceeds or falls below the set value, the system can issue an alarm in time.
3. Calibrate the radar level gauge. After the configuration parameters are completed, calibration operations are also required to ensure that the measurement results of the radar level gauge are accurate and reliable. Calibration usually requires the use of a standard liquid level container. For operation methods, please refer to the user manual of the device.


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