Key points for selecting electromagnetic flowmeters

 Key points for selecting electromagnetic flowmeters

The wetted material of electromagnetic flowmeter. Linings include polytetrafluoroethylene, rubber, high-temperature ethylene, etc. The electrodes include stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy B, Hamin alloy C, tantalum, platinum, etc. Choose based on medium composition.
Continuous water immersion protection type IP68: Most water supply, drainage and sewage treatment installation sites are in hazardous wells of underground pipelines. Rainwater and underground water seepage often cause the flowmeter to be immersed in water, or condensation occurs in winter, which reduces the insulation strength of the terminals and coils, affecting the product. performance and shorten flow meter life.
Submersible type: used for open channel flow measurement, replacing the traditional Kanban flow meter.
Explosion-proof type: used in environments with explosive gases, such as chemical industry, coal mines, and oil fields.
Hygienic type: easy to disassemble and wash, can be quickly installed, suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical departments.


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