How to Maintain Your Turbine Flow Meter for Longevity

 How to Maintain Your Turbine Flow Meter for Longevity
  1. Inspect and Clean Turbine Rotor:

    • Check for debris, clean gently
  2. Check Bearings and Seals:

    • Replace worn bearings, maintain seals
  3. Verify Flow Calibration:

    • Recalibrate periodically
  4. Monitor for Wear and Erosion:

    • Replace degraded components
  5. Protect from Contaminants:

    • Install upstream filtration
  6. Ensure Proper Installation:

    • Follow pipe run recommendations
  7. Follow Manufacturer's Recommendations:

    • Adhere to their maintenance guidance

Key steps to maintain turbine flow meter:

  • Inspect and clean rotor
  • Check bearings and seals
  • Calibrate regularly
  • Monitor for wear
  • Protect from contaminants
  • Proper installation
  • Follow manufacturer guidance


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